Yakutsk, Russia – the coldest city in the world

The city of Yakutsk, about 450 km south of the Arctic Circle, is the capital of the Republic of Sakha in Russia. According to the 2010 census, the city had a population of 269,601; The number is estimated at at least 300,000. Yakutsk serves as a port for Lena, which is one of their main duties. It is served by two airports, Yakutsk and Magan Airport. The city is also one of the largest suppliers of diamonds.

The coldest city in the world

Yakutsk stands on stilts due to a change in the nature of the permafrost, which would otherwise cause buildings to collapse. It is also the largest city located on top of the eternal ice. This means that water and gas have to be delivered in huge overhead pipes, which is very fascinating for visitors.

The city has an average annual temperature of -8.8ºC, but in winter temperatures often fall below -40ºC. Summers, although short, are quite warm with temperatures above + 30ºC. The temperature difference in Yakutsk is the largest in the world. December and January are extremely cold and record average temperatures of -40.4 ° C and -41.5 ° C, respectively. The coldest recorded temperature was -64.4 ° C on February 5, 1891.


Most of Yakutia is covered with snow forest, which in Russian is called the taiga. The other part of the vegetation is forest tundra, semi-desert and tundra. Much of the terrain is mountainous. The flora and fauna of Yakutia have retained their purity without disturbing man-made conditions.

The tundra area is covered with reindeer moss, while in the taiga region, among other things, spruce, pine, cedar, pine and birch. Some flowers are endemic to this area, such as Lilium pensylvanicum.

The land in Yakutia, among other animals, is inhabited by several breeds of deer, moss, bear, walrus. The rivers are rich in fish and other marine life. In Yakutsk, the only city with favorable habitats for the Siberian black crane and seagull, there are about 250 species of birds.


The locals of Yakutsk are very kind and watch out for visitors who do not go out in the cold unprotected. Yakutsk has captured the interests of foreigners mainly because it so proudly bears the title of the coldest city in the world.

However, this is not the only interesting factor for the city. A lot can be seen in Yakutsk, starting with the beautiful landscape and cryogenic museums. Several museums display the history of the country and its people, but the greatest interest for tourists are cryogenic museums that preserve objects from the Ice Age. The heart of this exhibition is the head of a mammoth that is transported to various museums in the region depending on the season.


The city faces a major threat to the ecosystem due to man-made conditions. Felling has resulted in a large loss of trees because companies are clearing entire sites rather than distributing crops in different areas. There is also water, soil and air pollution caused by nickel smelting in the city of Norilsk. Tourist camps also produce a lot of liquid waste that harms the ecosystem. The taiga is at risk from oil wells that will require the evacuation of the plant and the construction of roads leading to the facilities.

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