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Woman puts out a cigar in dog eyes and cruelly breaks her paws

SINGAPORE:- A woman from Singapore burned a dog’s eyes with a cigar and then broke her paws.

The sadistic moment video circulated virally on different social networks, especially on WhatsApp.

However, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Singapore (SPCA) fought to get Internet companies to eliminate it.

In the recording, the animal tries to complain about the pain but has a gagged mouth. The film lasts about five minutes.

The clip showed the cruel moment when he repeatedly crushed tobacco in the animal’s eyeballs.

The clip showed the cruel moment when he crushed the tobacco in the animal's eyeballs repeatedly.
Source: elimparcial

Members of the pro-animal association think the video may have been filmed by people who benefit from animal torture films, including those produced ex professed for a sexual fetish.

Faced with this situation, animal rights activist Carla Day initiated a petition to collect signatures that would consult the authorities for a more rigorous search for the abuser so that the incident is not ignored and punished.

Petition here!!

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