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Witnessing, smashing, screaming, screaming, screaming, catching up

On August 9th, the typhoon Tianxinbei City reported another escape. When a car was driving at a crossroads, there was no courtesy to go straight, and the opposite locomotive collided. The result turned out to leave. Fortunately, there were other passersby who were willing to do so. The driving recorder recorded the process, but also directly caught up, and returned the person to the scene to deal with, so that the locomotive knight who was hit, felt quite comfortable.

The black car passed through the intersection, and there was no courtesy to let the straight car turn left directly. After the opposite locomotive could not help but crash the tail of the car, the knight flew out of the car and did not expect the car to leave directly.

The anecdote was driving badly and was photographed by other vehicle driving recorders, but it was not enough. The main air of the car was turned around and turned around quickly, speeding up to catch up, squatting in the red light, blocking the front of the vehicle, and then forced to drive back to the scene. deal with.

he driver of the driving recorder: “You just hit someone, do you know? He immediately got off the bus and said, I really don’t know, I have to hit it. I thought it was fine. I will go back and deal with you now.”

The driving was stopped, and it was once stupid. Fortunately, the car owners who helped to chase people saw the event and ended the event. The illegal red light did not perform well. The owner also apologized on the Internet and expressed his willingness to accept the penalty. He did not regret it.

The driver of the driving recorder: “Because I have seen too many people who have escaped from the accident, it is also helpful, and escapes (the Knight).

The accident occurred on the afternoon of the 9th. It was still raining. The original locomotive knights in the picture also planned to help chase, but the rain was slippery. Fortunately, the driving record was not smooth, not only catching people but also avoiding them. Another possibility of another car accident.

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