Why is the great white shark able to live in freshwater?

Most of the sharks are marine. However, only the shark named the giant shark can live in freshwater and has the character which goes back to the river. It is this research to have pursued why such a thing is possible.

The bull shark is a kind of shark which lives widely in the tropics and temperate zone. It also lives in rivers around Okinawa and is called Hironaka.

The species can be commonly inhabited in freshwater areas, and there are examples of freshwater lakes that go thousands of kilometers back in the Mississippi, Zambezi, and Amazon rivers.

The maximum length is 1 meter and the weight exceeds 1 kg. Well, the shark belongs to the cartilage fish as well as the gin shark, etc. Humans are hard-bone vertebrates, but cartilage fish and hard-boned animals are said to have branched out about 450 million years ago.

Its slight wide-salt cartilage fish is known to continue to hold high concentrations of urea in the body even if placed in freshwater. The research team of the Institute of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, The University of Tokyo, Riken, and Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium conducted an experiment to migrate the bull shark raised at Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium from seawater to freshwater.