Where are blueberries grown? | 2021

Fresh blueberries are plump, juicy, sweet and are known for a variety of health benefits. Thanks to widespread cultivation on larger areas and advances in agricultural science, they are now generally available year-round. Although blueberry plants with a tall shrub are native to North America, many would be surprised by the immense varieties around the world and all the different places they grow. International demand and supply of blueberries has peaked all time in recent years and has not slowed in the last year. As a result, blueberry exports grew much faster than total world production. Despite this, there are some countries that are far better than others in producing these sweet balls of natural goodness.

North America yields the most blueberries

Number one on this list is the United States, which produces nearly 240,000 tons of blueberries a year. Although blueberry bushes can be found almost everywhere in the country and it is known that 38 states grow blueberries commercially, it is said that ten states make up more than 98% of U.S. blueberry production. These include Michigan, Oregon, Washington, Georgia, New Jersey, California, North Carolina, Florida, Mississippi and Indiana. More than half of U.S. products are shipped to the fruit and vegetable market to meet the growing demand for fresh blueberries. The rest of the product is frozen, concentrated, mashed, canned or dried so that it can be used in various food products such as fruit juice, spreads and flavors in prepared products.

The country that produces the second largest amount of blueberries is Canada, which is known for producing shrubs and wild blueberries. In Canada, the largest quantities of blueberries are produced in Quebec, especially in the Saguenay-Lac St. Jean in northern Quebec. Blueberries are the largest fruit crop in Canada, and much of the harvest in Canada is kept directly for processing rather than as fresh fruit, unlike American blueberries in the South.

Other countries produce large quantities of blueberries

The third place on this list of countries that produce the most blueberries worldwide is Poland, where fruit production reaches almost 13 thousand tons per year. The two countries to which Poland mainly exports blueberries are Germany and the United Kingdom. The field of cultivation in the country has grown steadily since Poland joined the European Union. There are quite a number of other countries around the world that have become more popular due to their immense blueberry production and are closely following Poland in production. One of the names on the list is Germany, which produces over 10,000 tons of blueberries a year. Most blueberries in Germany are produced in Baden-Württemberg, Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia.

Canada and the US are likely to remain out of reach

Other countries that produce large quantities of blueberries are Mexico, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and New Zealand. They annually produce 10,160, 9,011, 5,498, 5,000, 2,888 and 2,718 tons of blueberries. After that, national production drops drastically every year for the rest of the world. The amount of blueberries produced in Denmark is only 125 tons per year. Portugal collects only 255 tons, while Switzerland annually registers 308 tons of blueberries. With an already established industry, generally greater access to land, and climatic conditions conducive to blueberry growth, it seems unlikely that any country will soon challenge North American leaders in blueberry production.

The best countries in the world where blueberries grow

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rank Earth Produced tons of blueberries
1 United States 239,071
2 Canada 109,007 th most common
3. Poland 12,731 th most common
Fourth Germany 10,277 th most common
5 Mexico 10,160 th most common
6. France 9,011 th most common
7. Netherlands 5,498 th most common
8. Spain 5,000
9 Sweden 2,888 th most common
10 New Zealand 2,718 th most common
11 Romania 2,621 th most common
12 Russia 2,500
13 Lithuania 2,335 th most common
14. Peru 1,840
15. Italy 1,324 th most common
16 Ukraine 1,300
17th Uzbekistan 1,100
18 Switzerland 308
19 Portugal 255
20th Denmark 125

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