Websites for a good holiday with your pet

The summer holidays are approaching and the French, who will have the opportunity to leave, are finishing their last preparations … or betting on rent at the last minute. Pet owners find this last option difficult to choose because you need to make sure you find a place that accepts dogs and cats or, if necessary, opt for a guard system. Unfortunately, some don’t take the time to think about it: according to the 30 Million d’Amis Foundation, France is the European champion in abandoning animals. 100,000 of them would leave each year, including 60,000 during the summer! However, there are many solutions on how to take care of those who will be during the holidays useful for the mental health of their owner during detention.

Go with your animal

  • Our holidays with friends (Foundation 30 million d’Amisa) : The foundation created the site finish to prepare well for the holidays with the animal. The two bots respond instantly and find the best options available, depending on whether you own a dog, cat or other pet and want to go with or without. After entering your email address, a personalized tip will be sent to you. In addition, the platform has an interactive map that shows places that “receive pets” so you know where to sleep with your companion, where to take him to the beach and where to keep him. Finally, the site contains a lot of tips (for example when swimming) to ensure the well-being of your animal during the holidays. The association is also available as a mobile app called “30 Million Vacancies”.
  • The Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA): On its website, SPA offers a number of useful tips for organizing a holiday according to the character of your companion. Good to know: in Europe, France has the largest number of accommodations that receive pets on Airbnb, the association assures.
  • Take your dog : Accommodation, activity, restaurant, this site allows you to select several criteria to display an interactive map with places that accept dogs classified from one to four truffles according to the degree of reception of our four-legged companions. “If they greet your dog simply but with pleasure, they get 1 truffle. If they greet your dog and set up services and facilities dedicated to his comfort, they can get up to 4 truffles. For example, objects labeled 4 truffles have an on-site agility course“, explains the 100% free community platform.
  • Pets allowed : As before, this place also has accommodation (hotels, camps, boarding houses, etc.) that accept dogs and cats with regions shown by regions. No registration required.
  • Sightseeing my dog : Thanks to a system of search bars where all you have to do is enter the desired place, the page “Tourism with my dog” reveals lists of tourist institutions that accept dogs.
  • Check the “pets allowed” criterion: Many accommodation rental sites allow the addition of filters, especially for pets. All you have to do is check the “pets allowed” box.
  • : this place can be a great option for easily finding French dog-friendly beaches near your vacation spot.

Keep your animal

Sometimes it is not possible to take an animal with you. Fortunately, there are many types of child care. “It is important to check who you are dealing with before leaving by regularly visiting the premises and asking the manager all the questions that seem important to you, advise her Animal Relief Foundation. If the institution doesn’t instill confidence in you, look for another one, because you wouldn’t leave easily“.

  • Custody of relatives: This type of child care generally has several advantages: it is free and the self-confidence you feel when you leave. This loved one knows your animal and vice versa, making everyone’s stay easier. In the case of custody, it is useful to remember to give the person designated to care for your animal two veterinary numbers.
  • Pension: This option is difficult to reconcile with a scary animal. But here others can feel at home! “It is advisable to show up unexpectedly in the afternoon to visit the area (the morning is dedicated to cleaning in general) and check if the box reserved for your pet is equipped with a private yard, advises the Animal Relief Foundation. Ask how the outings are going and at what pace, state the desired diet and assess the state of cleanliness in the premises and the involvement of caregivers. You will leave a friend with his favorite toy and a piece of clothing impregnated with your scent to give him confidenceAccording to the SPA, the pension must have the approval of the prefecture, and it is necessary to contact the DDPP of your department to confirm it.
  • Host families for animals:They must have a certificate of animal fitness, DSV approval to perform this activity and animal liability insurance.“, warns the Animal Relief Foundation. It is necessary to get to know your companion before departure in order to get used to the host family and to see if the electricity passes.
  • Pet seat: A pet lover comes to your home to take care of your companion in an environment he knows. Walks, games, food: a carefully selected pet must follow your instructions during their stay with you. One (or more) pets may also be happy to visit your home without sleeping there, but for a relatively short time because loneliness can ultimately deeply affect your companion.

Don’t forget to identify your animal!

In 2020, more than 45,500 domestic carnivores (dogs, cats and ferrets) were declared ‘captured and more than 69,000 animals declared “lost” in the national identification file“, warnsI-CAD, a company in charge of managing the national identification file of domestic carnivores (cats, dogs and ferrets) under the delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food. Summer is the period during which the number of recorded losses is greatest. Keep in mind that if you put your animal in a pound, you have eight clear days to collect it. In addition, it can be put up for adoption, hence the importance of identifying the animal, but also updating your contact information with I-CAD. The latter recalls that “identification is a real problem: it is the only official link between the animal and its owner, which in particular allows contact with it in the event of escape“Besides, it’s mandatory.

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