Veganism is strictly prohibited for children under seven

Veganism is strictly prohibited for children under seven

Veganism or vegetarianism can cause mental health problems for a child under seven years of age. 

According to the candidate of medical sciences, pediatrician Yevgeny Timakov, veganism is strictly prohibited for children under seven years of age. He connected this with the fact that a child at this age has not yet fully formed the intestines, mucous membranes, microflora, and enzyme system.

“For this reason, his body cannot fully break down multimolecular plant products (legumes and mushrooms, which vegans most often replace meat) and“ take ”useful trace elements necessary for development from them. Since children mainly extract carbohydrates and fats from this kind of food, they experience protein starvation, ”the specialist said.
At the same time, he noted that some parents insist that the child along with them should eat only food of plant origin. 

The doctor noted that a lack of milk, meat, eggs, and honey can greatly affect the health of a growing organism. He added that the child may face not only protein deficiency, but also neurological as well as psychiatric disorders. 

Due to this type of nutrition, from an early age in humans, the immune system and the endocrine system are formed incorrectly. Digestive problems may also occur.