Unusual operation Doctors release Frau von Horn

For almost three years, the Chinese woman Yanv watched a horn grow from her left forehead. A few months ago, it reached a size of over 20 centimeters. Now doctors amputated the mysterious horn and gave the woman her former life back.

The old woman is deaf and dumb. Nobody knows her real name, the villagers only call her Yanv, which means “silent girl”. In the spring of 2008, a horn suddenly began to grow on her left forehead. The villagers were scared, Yanv no longer dared to go outside. Now her family decided to help the old woman. Here she is carried down the stairs by her son and taken to a hospital in Beijing.

Before the procedure, the nurse carefully cuts the woman’s hair to prepare her for the upcoming surgery.

The doctors during the operation: the procedure takes over an hour before the horn is finally removed.

The operation was successful and Yanv is doing well. How a horn could reach such a size in a human is so far unknown to doctors. Yanv can leave the hospital in a week.

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