Unusual improvements in air pollution and lockdown in cities around the world

Unusual improvements in air pollution and lockdown in cities around the world

A lockdown to curb the spread of new coronavirus infections in cities around the world has reduced air pollution more than ever, a new report has released.

Iq Air, a Swiss company that monitors the actual conditions of air pollution, has found that 10 cities around the world have been using the harmful microparticulate matter. It is said that it was understood that the situation had improved greatly in the total city where pollution was violent beforehand when the concentration etc. were examined.

The team set a three-week framework for each city’s most severe blockade and, in long-term cases like Wuhan, China, when new infected people were peaking. The data for this period was compared to the same period last year.

In New Delhi, India, where pollution is often named as the most serious city in the world, march 23-April 13 PM2. 5 concentration is down 60% from last year. During the period, the total number of hours the pollution index was at an “unhealthy” level fell sharply from 68% to 17%. Both the city and Mumbai recorded record low pollution levels in March.

Seoul, South Korea, also announced that the two koreas will be held at the pm on February 26-March 18. 5- decreased compared to last year.

Wuhan was down 44% from last year on February 26 to March 18. The average concentration in February and March was 63 per cubic meter last year. 2 micrograms and 43. Whereas it was 9 micrograms, 36 this year. 8 micrograms and 32. was down to nine micrograms.

Los Angeles was in good condition for 18 consecutive days, down 31 percent from last year and 51 percent compared to the previous year’s average.

In Europe, London, Madrid, and Rome also recorded lower concentrations than last year during lockdown periods.