UN: Million of plant and animal species are in danger of dying out due to human intervention

UN: Million of plant and animal species are in danger of dying out due to human intervention

Over the next few decades, a million plants and animal species are threatening to die from the effects of humans. The destruction of nature, such as the bite of rainforests, is threatening as global warming, the Intergovernmental Forum for Biological Diversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) proposed Monday by the United Nations.

In a long-awaited report, where 150 scientists from around the world have worked for three years, shocking conclusions are drawn.

Especially deforestation and erosion of the agricultural ecosystem are major factors, but also put nature under pressure fishing and hunting.

The UN organization presented the findings to diplomats of 132 delegations of IpBES in Paris on Monday.

Scientists fear massive extinction

According to scientists, the accelerated pace at which an estimated eight million plants and a large proportion of animal species disappear can lead to mass extinction. This will be the first massive extinction since dinosaur extinction.

The report says that rapid intervention is needed to prevent disaster. This is the first report in more than ten years that looks at the state of global nature.

Insect species globally endangered

In a major report published earlier this year, it was already concluded that the number of insect species would decrease by 40% in the coming decades.

Butterflies, beetles and big fish, such as ants, bumblebee, wasps, and bees, are among the most endangered species. Here also agriculture becomes a major cause.

Greenpeace seeks stricter laws

Greenpeace, Solidaridad, IUCN NL, Both ENDS and Oxfam Nowib have called on Dutch candidates for the European Parliament to commit themselves to legislation against mass deforestation. “The urgency to protect this earth’s ecosystem is now greater than ever.” “Organizations put in a response.

According to the organizations, the report is “At the right time “As soon as the European Commission will come up with a plan to respond to global deforestation. “By taking the recommendations of the IPBES, they can ensure that this action plan becomes really ambitious.

The five organizations think that agriculture, food production, and consumption – “Drama” ” must change. European law could force companies to prevent deforestation and human rights violations in their chains.