U.S. Navy sent a guided-missile destroyer to the Black Sea

The guided-missile destroyer USS Porter of has been sent to the Black Sea on Thursday, reported the Sixth Fleet of the US Navy, stating that the purpose of his mission is to “improve regional maritime stability” and show support Washington’s allies and partners in the region.

Vice Admiral Lisa M. Franchetti, commander of the Sixth Fleet, said in this regard that the naval operations that the US carried out in the Black Sea with its allies “they maintain the solid relations necessary for regional stability”.

For its part, the Russian National Defense Center has announced that the Russian patrol vessel Smetlivy, of the Black Sea Fleet, performs surveillance tasks of the destroyer after it entered the waters of the southern sea.

This is the sixth time that an American ship enters the Black Sea so far this year. The last ship that visited the area was the USS Carney, which participated in July in the naval exercises of NATO Sea Breeze 2019. On that occasion, the Russian naval forces also guarded the American destroyer.