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Trump unhappy with Kim’s weapon tests, Japan says missile test violates UN rules

North Korea successfully test-fired a new super-large multiple rocket launcher on Sunday in the presence of dictator Kim Jong-un. The Korean Central News Agency quoted Korean administrative officials as saying. Earlier on Saturday, two missiles were successfully test-fired. U.S. President Donald Trump is not happy with the U.S. tests.

On the sidelines of the G-7 Summit, President Trump reacted to Kim Jong-un’s missile test. “I am unhappy with it, but there was no breach of agreement this time. Meanwhile, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said North Korea’s weapons test was clearly a violation of UN rules.

Two short-range missiles were fired on Saturday

According to local media reports, the two ballistic missiles fired on Saturday were short-range missiles with short-range range missiles. The South Korean Joint Chief Seismic Officer said the two missiles had traveled a distance of 380 km to an altitude of 97 km.

Kim angered by U.S.-Korea maneuvers

The maneuvers were conducted by South Korea and the United States from August 5 to 20. North Korea conducted missile tests at the same place where the exercise took place.

North Korea had said it was angry with the ongoing exercises between the US and South Korea and was testing itself against it. On the other hand, Trump said, “I think Kim Jong-un is quite straight. We are seeing what is happening. They enjoy conducting missile tests.

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