Top 20 exporters of livestock

All over the world cattle are used for the production of leather, meat and milk, as well as for cattle. In order to improve the livestock industry, various hybrids have been introduced that provide better quality leather and other livestock-related materials. Live cattle are fed food, so that while they are fattening and ready for slaughter, they will be ready for the beef industry.

Export markets of leading countries that supply live cattle

France, Canada and Australia are at the top of the list of leading exporters of live cattle to other parts of the world. The export value of these livestock for each country was more than $ 2015 billion in one year, which was more than other countries around the world.


France annually exports 700,000 cattle to countries such as Turkey, Lebanon and 30,000 cattle shipped to Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco. Cattle shipped to these countries for long journeys are dead as soon as they arrive in their countries. However, the state earned an export value of $ 1,514,382,000 in 2015, due to the large number of animals slaughtered, bred or sent for fattening. However, these animals must be exposed to extreme temperatures, humidity, rough handling and inadequate ventilation. Animals do not have enough food or water, their standing height is insufficient, stress and fatigue occur, and in the worst case, these animals must die. Once they arrive at their destination, adequate treatment is not provided and most animals are slaughtered in full consciousness.


Canada exports its live cattle for beef to other countries around the world, and its exports have climbed to about 7% of the value of exports and tonnage. Beef products that ship 308,768 tons were also shipped. Many companies provide live cattle transport services around the world by providing them with professional and expert staff. Beef production takes place in countries after the cattle reach a certain weight before being transported to the slaughterhouse.


On the other hand, Australia is the third largest exporter of livestock to countries in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. The country has also drawn attention to the welfare of animals when moving to other countries for slaughter or breeding. Even Australian government rules and regulations try to get trained professionals to travel with animals at sea or in the air and take care of them. The report on the handling of the animal at the destination and the handover of live cattle is given to the government.

Livestock export regulation

The governments of the leading countries involved in the export of domestic animals ensure the welfare of animals on their travels and their handling in the countries of destination. The European Commission, the US government and the Australian government have set rules and regulations for this trade and must therefore be adhered to by every country that trades in them.

Top 20 export countries of livestock

rank Earth Value of live cattle exports, 2015 (USD)
1 France 1,514,382,000 US dollars
2 Canada $ 1,374,217,000
3. Australia 1,034,256,000 US dollars
Fourth Mexico $ 930,190,000
5 Netherlands $ 385,483,000
6. Germany $ 358,497,000
7. Spain 228 195 000 USD
8. Brazil 210,601,000 US dollars
9 Czech Republic $ 205,557,000
10 Ethiopia $ 174,831,000
11 Romania $ 140,398,000
12 Uruguay 135,402,000 US dollars
13 Hungary 133,424,000 USD
14. Austria $ 112,098,000
15. Belgium $ 108,798,000
16 Ireland $ 100,113,000
17th United States $ 98,698,000
18 Slovakia 77,348,000 US dollars
19 Namibia $ 67,313,000
20th Thailand $ 63,438,000

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