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Toluca – Xolos de Tijuana (2-0): match summary and goals

Diablos Rojos de Toluca, with an auto goal by Diego Braghieri and goal by Pedro Alexis Canelo, defeated Xolos of Tijuana on Day 6 of the 2019 opening.

NEAR XOLOS! Angel Sepúlveda entered the area and pulled a dry run. Gamekeeper Alfredo Talavera correctly rejects.

Ignacio Rivero takes the yellow card after hitting Antonio Rios.

Add four minutes to this match. Looks like Toluca has all three points in his pocket.

Angel Sepúlveda opens with Rivero and this one tries to get a center into the area. The ball bounced in Jonatan Maidana. Xolos from Tijuana has a corner shot.

Ariel Nahuelpán keeps squeezing in these last few minutes. The Argentine striker was one of Xolos ‘ most feisty players in this match, but could not generate a single goal play.

The Red Devils will have an intense week. In the double day, Toluca will make two visits: ante Necaxa and Pumas. The Scarlet picture will have to work much harder.

Xolos change: Miller Bolaños leaves and Ángel Sepúlveda enters.

Toluca walks the ball in the background. Ricardo La Volpe’s team is trying to burn down the last few minutes of the game.

What will happen on this double date? Toluca will try to start a positive streak after signing his first win at the 2019 opening of the MX league.

The Xolos team in Tijuana was closer to the draw… but then came Camilo Sanvezzo’s hard entrance. In the middle of the week the border will receive Cruz Azul and then visit Necaxa.

Toluca, without making his best game, is securing three points in his stadium. It seems that Ricardo La Volpe will stay at least another week in front of the Scarlet men.

Felipe Pardo is encouraged to beat him from outside the area. His finish passed very close to Gibran Lajud’s arch.

There are just over 15 minutes left in this game. The local painting, on the deck and without many lights, is close to achieving a very important triumph on this day 6.

Miller Bolaños takes the yellow card after bringing Felipe Pardo down to the bad. The Colombian end has been the smartest player on the court this afternoon.

Change of Toluca: Ricardo Cruz enters and Richard Ruiz exits. The Red Devils have already burned their three modifications.

Tijuana change: Omar Mendoza enters instead of Luis Fuentes. Change of Toluca: Pedro Alexis Canelo enters and Diego Rigonato leaves.

Felipe Pardo made a big right-hand spill and served an exact pass for Gigliotti. The Argentine striker failed incredibly against Lajud.

¡RIOS! The newly admitted are encouraged to hit the long-distance and his ball went buzzing the stringer Gibran Lajud. Toluca was close to 2-0.

Sixty seven
Luis Fuentes stops a good advance from Felipe Pardo and takes the yellow card.

Sixty six
Ricardo La Volpe strengthens his half-court with the entry of a player with purely defensive conditions.

Sixty five
Cambio de Toluca: sale Federico Mancuello en ingresa Antonio Ríos.

Sixty four
Despite having one less player, Xolos from Tijuana looks closer to the draw. The Border Team attacks Rivero, Bolaños and Nahuelpán.

Sixty three
Miller Bolaños played with Ariel Nahuelpán and he dared to take a long-distance shot. The shot from the Argentine striker was very HIGH.

Sixty two
Miller Bolaños takes a direct free throw. The shot comes out with low power and placement. Alfredo Talavera gets the ball safely.

Sixty one
This game has a little less than an hour to go. Toluca has the advantage and could take the victory.

AND YES! Camilo Sanvezzo is leaving the pitch. Xolos from Tijuana gets one less player.

Fifty nine
The play is reviewed in the VAR. Looks like the Brazilian will be expelled.

Fifty eight
Camilo Sanvezzo takes the yellow card after committing a foul on Fernando Tobio. The entry of the Brazilian was muy dura.

Fifty seven
Change of Xolos from Tijuana: Washington Camacho leaves and Mauro Lainez enters.

Fifty six
Mancuello enters by right and leaves a ball for the arrival of Rigonato. Number ten hits him, but he bounces his shot in defense. They finally scored out of the game.

Fifty five
Puma Gigliotti looks desperate. The Argentine striker is very just above and almost or smells the ball. This team looks like everything but a Volpe team.

Fifty four
Toluca permanently defends up to seven footballers in the background. Red Devils have a hard time getting past half the court with a controlled ball.

Fifty three
The benches of both teams are already warmed up. Mauro Lainez intensifies the exercises competitive. It seems that the Mexican end will be chosen by Oscar Pareja to revolutionize the attack.

Fifty two
Felipe Pardo is playing a very good game so far. The Colombian Extreme has a brutal rhythm change. They couldn’t contain it this afternoon.

Fifty one
The complement starts with an intense rhythm. Xolos from Tijuana and Toluca play the ball with everything. We have witnessed several contacts in this startup of the second half.

Vicente Sánchez and Carlos Esquivel, two historical Red Devils players, meet this afternoon at Nemesio Díez watching the Toluca game.

Forty nine
Emmanuel Gigliotti fights with Julián Velázquez within the territory of the Xolaje. The Argentine striker asks that the maximum penalty be indicated. The arbitrator is not granted.

Forty eight
Vladimir Loroña takes the yellow card after pulling Diego Rigonato from behind. The side of Xolos is already conditioned for what remains of the party.

Braghieri finishes on the edge of the area with a spectacular Chilean. The shooting of the Argentine central arrives easily at the hands of Alfredo Talavera.

Forty six
IT RESUMES THE MATCH! The same players who finished the first half go out on the court. Xolos of Tijuana will seek to rescue some point in hell.

IT’S JUST THE FIRST HALF! Toluca, with auto goal by Diego Braghieri, is beating Xolos of Tijuana at Nemesio Díez Stadium.

Xolos tries to build the last play before he goes to the dressing room. The border team gets a pitch inside the area, but found no striker whatsoever.

Forty five
Two minutes are added to this game. Xolos from Tijuana will get the tie before he goes to break?

Forty four
Washington Camacho puts a very powerful center-shot into the Toluca area. Alfredo Talavera only sees the ball go away from his bow.

Forty three
In this closing of the first half, Xolos no longer exerts the high pressure it maintained in much of the cross-check. Toluca insists on going out with the ball controlled from the bottom.

Forty two
Felipe Pardo slipped a filtered ball looking for Rigonato. The Toluca midfielder arrives in the area, but cannot control the round one.

We arrive at the final minutes of this first half. Xolos from Tijuana had a good performance, but could not be certain in the last touch.

Thirty eight
Emmanuel Gigliotti and Gibran Lajud collide after playing a high ball. The Mexican gamekeeper took a good hit, but he’s already reinstated.

Thirty seven
Richard Ruiz put in service for the right band. Xolos ‘ defense of Tijuana had some trouble cutting the service… but in the end, the ball came to the hands of Lajud.

Thirty five
The Toluca team looks revolutionized and very desperate in the recovery of the ball. In the process, they cut the game a lot with faults.

Sanvezzo puts a service inside the area. Gigliotti managed to win the ball from above and cleared for the band. Xolos presses on this end of the first half.

Thirty three
Tijuana has a free throw in favor. Miller Bolaños and Camilo Sanvezzo are preparing to collect the fixed tactic.

Ecuadorean striker resents himself on the lawn. Xolos ‘ medical body in Tijuana goes into care of Miller Bolaños. Looks like he’ll be able to stay on the pitch.

Thirty one
Diego Rigonato takes the yellow card after committing foul behind Miller Bolaños. The entrance was very reckless.

We arrived at the first half hour of the game. Toluca wins with autogol by Diego Braghieri.

It seems Toluca is playing with fire. The Volpe team gives the initiative to Xolos. This could pay in the next few minutes.

Richard Ruiz puts a center inside the area. Jonathan Maidana is enough to connect that ball to his head… but the auction goes off very deviated from the bow of Lajud.

Richard Ruiz is encouraged to shoot from the edge of the area, but his finish was stamped on his partner Felipe Pardo. The play no longer prospered.

Vladimir Loroña and Diego Rigonato play a high ball. The side of Tijuana takes the worst part, but returning immediately.

Twenty four
Xolos puts high pressure on Toluca to take the ball from the start. The Tijuana team looks better standing on the pitch. Toluca hasn’t generated football in a while.

Miller Bolaños charges a standing ball. The Ecuadorean pretends twice before entering the center. Alfredo Talavera comes out perfectly and gets the ball safely.

I NAHUELPÁN! Xolos ‘ Tijuana striker is encouraged to take out a long-distance shot. The ball passes over the Arch of Talavera. Border guards keep pushing.

Alfredo Talavera and Jonathan Maidana do not communicate in the background. The Argentine central takes the ball from the goalkeeper when he was going to control it.

Ariel Nahuelpán tries to control within the area, but he can’t. The Argentine striker fell on the lawn and Rose immediately.

Felipe Pardo puts in a service for the right band. The Colombian player served a precise pass and Rigonato came by surprise to finish. In the background, Gibran Lajud has the ball without problems.

Ricardo La Volpe’s team does not play with many lights or luxuries, as their squadrons often do. But this afternoon they’re getting the results.

The game is still ahead of Toluca. The Red Devils are running the game as they please and are looking for the second of the afternoon. Hannibal Chalá plays one hand at a time with Loroña for the band. The player from Tijuana took this duel.

Miller Bolaños puts a powerful service into the area and Sanvezzo deflects the ball with his head. The ball goes one way.

Felipe Pardo fouls Washington Camacho. Xolos from Tijuana once again has a ball standing in his favor.

Braghieri wins a ball inside the area and heads off. The Argentine central sent a very poor ball. Xolos is tighten.

Sanvezzo hits the ball, but this one goes muuuuuy above the arch defended by Alfredo Talavera. It’s rare to see the Brazilian get such a poor fee.

Camilo Sanvezzo receives foul outside the area. Xolos from Tijuana will have free throw in favor. The Brazilian striker will be in charge of collecting the fixed tactic.

The Scarlet team went up the scoreboard before the ten minutes were up. The Xolos of Oscar Pareja are more involved in the game after receiving the score against them.

¡GOOOOOOOOOOL DE TOLUCA! Aníbal Chalá steals the ball for the band, plays with Felipe Pardo and this one makes a big right-hand roll. Mancuello entered the small area and when he was about to shoot… Diego Braghieri tied the ball at his own door.

Diego Rigonato begins to take the ball and move the three-quarter Toluca threads forward. Xolos is responding through the backlash.

Toluca’s position is offensive in these first seconds of the game. However, neither Chalá nor Ruíz go up to support their comrades in the attack.

Toluca has a free throw in favor. Vladimir Loroña fouls on the “Puma” Gigliotti.

Emmanuel Gigliotti travels a few meters towards the area, but Tijuana’s defense revolves in a good way and steals the ball before it causes danger.

IT STARTS THE PARTY! Red devils and Xolos of Tijuana already vie for the ball in the Bombonera. Which one of these squaddies will take the three points?

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