Thunderstorms: “great pity” and now 28 wards in orange vigilance

Twenty-eight wards were placed on orange vigil on Sunday by Météo France over the risk of thunderstorms in the eastern half, following bad weather that caused damage and power outages on Saturday night.

Five wards – Aveyron, Lozère, Meurthe-et-Moselle, Moselle and Tarn – were added at 10am at 11pm already housed in orange vigil, all located in eastern France.

There were 15,000 customers without electricity on Sunday at 7pm, mostly in the Ardèche (6,500), Gard (5,000) and Haute-Savoie (1,000) departments, Enedis said.

Thunderstorms caused “great damage” on the lines connecting Paris to Strasbourg and Mulhouse: the fall of “40 to 50 trees” on the tracks, two “important” landslides and contact networks “damaged”, SNCF pointed out to AFP.

“About a hundred agents have been mobilized and the tracks are now passable with one or two deceleration zones at 40km / h due to small landslides” that will be cleared overnight, she added.

On Saturday, at the end of the afternoon, the roof of a five-story apartment building located in Alfortville (Val-de-Marne) of 600 m2 flew into an adjoining building, causing two injuries, minor, to Paris firefighters.

In Saint-Nicolas de Bourgueil (Indre-et-Loire), a village known for its vineyards, a church pillar fell on Saturday in a church nave after a “very local” tornado passed, according to the parish priest and mayor.

Early Sunday afternoon, the north of the Gard was hit by thunder and strong winds, and a man was slightly injured by a fall from a branch onto his vehicle. He was hospitalized.

In the center of Alès, the wind uprooted several trees, Midi Libre reported on her website.

More than 200 interventions were needed to protect the homes, and especially to clean the trees, specifies the prefecture of Gard, where new thunderstorms are expected at the beginning of the night.

In the Ardèche department, hit by violent thunder in the early afternoon, firefighters carried out 125 interventions mostly for “torn tiles, trees on the road or fallen EDF lines”.

In Isère, where a hailstorm hit Grenoble in the late afternoon, firefighters intervened about thirty times for similar damage, and 211 houses were deprived of electricity, they said.

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