This octopus from the abyss swells his body

Members of the Nautilus Ocean Exploration Team fell on the octopus up to 1,600 meters deep that would be part of the suborder Cirrates, characterized by two lateral fins and pairs eyelashes on each suction cup. This member of the family Cirroteuthidae made up of cephalopods live in more than 2,000 feet in the abyss, where is light does not pass, it would measure about 1.3 meters.

These pictures taken by EVNautilus in the Pacific Ocean show a funny octopus showing a show in front of the camera

The umbrella he inflates in the video is used for protection, but he also uses it to catch toddlers planktonic crustaceans which it feeds on. Scientists do not comment on this species, because many of them are still unknown and this specimen might be one of them, but is closely connected with Cirrothauma magna. Observation of this little miracle has been made possible, especially thanks to new research technologies unmanned underwater vehicles (or Remote control underwater vehicle, ROV).

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