The whale is still lost in the Mediterranean

The gray whale lost in the Mediterranean is “good strategy“- follow the coast to Gibraltar to find a way out – but the chances are high”extremely thin“to find his environment in the North Pacific, declared an official of the French Office for Biological Diversity (OFB) on May 5, 2021.

She got rid of the fishing net

Due to global warming and melting ice, there is now the possibility of a transition between the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic and it is likely that this inexperienced young whale will“It’s been 15 months”wrong way“, thus arriving in the Atlantic and then in the Mediterranean, explained to AFP Eric Hansen, OFB’s regional manager on the Mediterranean coast. Entering this closed sea at the level of Morocco, it cut Africa from the north to Italy, the Italian and the French coast, managing to get rid of fishing nets in Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône, in the south of France, on May 4, after which she persistently explored the port of Sète (South) in the afternoon, Mr Hansen said.We really get the impression that she is trying to get out of the Mediterranean when you see her trying to get into a port like the one on the Sète.“, he underlined.

Whales do not seem to feed

She encountered a lot of obstacles, but she was not confused“, continued the person responsible for OFB.”Its strategy is good, if it continues, it will descend along the Spanish coast and reach Gibraltar. If all goes well, he will be able to go out on the Atlantic side. That doesn’t mean it’s won for her, because after that she has to go back upstairs“to the North Pacific. His chances are to regain his environment between Alaska and Baja California.”extremely thin because it feeds on invertebrates in the muddy Pacific bottom that it cannot find in the Mediterranean“. Since this has been observed in the Mediterranean, this calf.”it does not seem to feed“and is”always on the move“He’s already very skinny, if he fails.”vary your diet“scratching the bottom of the Mediterranean could be depleting and stranded or sinking, according to Mr Hansen. According to him, marine species are increasingly lost in environments that can be fatal to them due to global warming and melting ice.

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