The tallest building in Philadelphia 2021

Philadelphia is the largest city in the state of Pennsylvania. The city experienced construction boom in markets in 1970 and 1980 where more than 20 tall buildings appeared. The city’s history of erecting tall buildings dates back to 1754 when a bell tower was added to Christ’s Church. In the 20th century, a gentleman’s agreement prevented buildings from rising above the tallest building, Philadelphia City Hall, which was 548 feet high. The city twice held the record for the tallest building in North America, first Christ Church and later City Hall. In 1987, due to urbanization and the need for rental space, the agreement was terminated with the construction of One Liberty Place. The Comcast Center is the tallest building in Philadelphia and the tallest building in the United States. Construction of the Comcast Innovation and Technology Center began on the 19th, and the Comcast Center is expected to be the tallest building in Philadelphia and 146th in the United States.

The tallest building in Philadelphia

1. Comcast Center

The Comcast Center is the tallest skyscraper in Philadelphia; It is ranked 19 hours in the U.S. and 98th in the world. The Comcast Center was initially known as One Pennsylvania Plaza, owned by the Liberty Property Trust, and was designed by architect Robert AM Stern. It is 296.7 feet high, covers an area of ​​1,400,000 square feet, has 58 floors and had $ 540 million under construction. Construction of the building began on March 31, 2005, and it was officially opened on June 6, 2018. It is used for commercial purposes only and houses commercial offices. The center is equipped with a sunbathing room featuring Comcast Experience, a high-resolution LED display of 4 meters and 83.3 meters wide and 2000 square meters. Comcast Experience is a popular tourist attraction.

2. A place of freedom

One Liberty Place ranks second among the tallest buildings in Philadelphia. It is on the corner of 17th Street and Market Street. It covers 1.2 million square meters. The building is owned by Sunbelt Management Parkway Properties Inc., a Teacher Retirement System in Texas

Falcone Group and higher education catering, and the height is 945 ft. It was designed by Helmut Jahn using as a reference the Chrysler Building in New York City. The building is square with recessed corners and a glass and aluminum facade. The building houses commercial offices, hotels and shops. Construction of the building began on May 13, 1985, and was completed in 1987.

3. Square of two freedoms

Two Liberty Place is the 3rd tallest building with a height of 847 ft. It belongs to the owners of One Liberty Place and physically resembles One Liberty Place. The building has 58 floors and contains 1.2 million square feet of space. The building was intended for Cigni, which took up more space than one freedom could offer. The building is used for commercial, retail and residential purposes. Floors 40 to 57 are used as condominiums; On the 37th floor there is a spa and sauna. Construction began on February 16, 1988, and was completed in 1990.

4. BNY Mellon Center

The BNY Mellon Center is the fourth tallest building in Philadelphia and 161st in the world. It is 792 ft high and has 54 floors. Prior to 1999, the building was initially known as the Mellon Bank Center. Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates designed the building and is owned by the HRPT Properties Trust. Below the building is a shopping arcade that connects the building with the suburban train station and the conservatory. The building houses the offices of Citizens Bank, Boston Consulting Group. On the 52nd floor is the Pyramid Club, one of the most famous clubs in the city.

5. Three Logans Square

Three Logan Square ranks fifth among the tallest buildings in Philadelphia. It stands at 739 and has about 1.3 million square feet of space. The building was designed by the Kling Lindquist Partnership and is owned by the Brandywine Realty Trust. On the top floor there is a banquet hall that can be rented to the public. The landscaped square, open to the public, was built next to the building in accordance with city law requiring 1% of public artistic construction costs.

The tallest building in Philadelphia

rank Surname Height (in feet)
1 Comcast Center 975
2 A place of freedom 945
3. Two squares of freedom 848
Fourth BNY Mellon Center 792
5 Three Logans Square 739
6. FMC Tower in Cira Center South 736
7. Mr. Fred DiBona Jr. building 625
8. Shopping place 565
9 Two shopping malls 565
10 Philadelphia City Hall 548
11 Residences in the Ritz-Carlton 518
12. Street 1818 Market 500
13 Jacob 498
14. Loews Philadelphia Hotel 492
15. PNC Bank building 491
16 Central Square II 490
17th Five Penn Center 490
18 Murano 475
19 South wide 472
20th Street Market 2000 435

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