The pleasant rainy season is the best visit to Mount Abu

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When you get a warm welcome at the Abu Road railway station between Delhi and Ahmedabad, she soaks the mind, not just the body, but also the mind. It looks like it’s all light. Yes, there is a feeling that the only hill station in Rajasthan, Mount Abu, comes. Learn about the famous places that roam around here.

Nakki Lake among the mountains: The first stop on reaching Mount Abu is the Nakki Lake. The view here is amazing. The beauty of this delightful lake, flowing between the shade of the mountains and the greenery of The Aravalli, adds to the rain. The lake is two-and-a-half kilometers long at an altitude of 11000 m.

Marble-glazed Dilwara Jain Temple: Mount Abu is the holy shrine of Hindu and Jain religious leaders. It has since become a special place for Jain followers, says Lord Mahavir, the 24th Tirthankara of Jainism. The best example of Jain architecture is the Dilwara Jain Temple located here. Apart from this, the Lun Vasahee Temple, dedicated to the 22nd Tirthankara Neminath, is also a sight to the beam.

Vision sway of Viraje Ram alone in the Raghunath Temple:

The Sarveshvara Raghunath Temple of Mount Abu, the only temple in the world where Ram is alone. Yes, none of us had imagined the idol of Lord Rama without Mata Sita and younger brother Laxman, but this temple has a self-styled idol of Lord Rama, which was founded 700 years ago by Jagadguru Ramandacharya.

The ancient name of Mount Abu is Tumachal, a man curious in the Tapoland of Rishi Vasishtha. It is also mentioned in the Puranas by the name of the tumor .e. the forest of the tumor. Later, it was converted into Abu. It is believed that when The Vasishtha Rishi had a disagreement with the family, he settled in the southern part of Mount Abu.

The thrill of seeing the sloping sun: Sunset Point is a popular destination for newly-renovated couples over the Nakkar Ilake Lake. The surrounding view was no less captivating, from where the awe-inspiring view of the sun was visible in the gin of the rapidly changing sky and clouds.

How to Reach?

Air route: Udaipur, the nearest airport to Mount Abu, is 185 km, while Ahmedabad is 235 km away.

Rail route: The nearest railway station is Abu Road at a distance of 28 km, which is connected to Ahmedabad, Delhi, Jaipur, and Jodhpur.

Roadways: It is connected to all major cities in the country by road. Delhi’s Kashmiri Gate bus base is a direct bus service to Mount Abu. Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation buses are operated from several cities apart from Delhi to Mount Abu.