The Koala Is Endangered

The Koala Is Endangered
The Koala Is Endangered

Koalas are animals that are endangered because wildfires have been on the rise causing species to disappear from the planet.

Wildfires in Australia are a strong threat to any animal found there, however, the koala is one of the most affected, as the damage caused by the fire reached to calcinate approximately five million Hectares.

However, animals are not only affected, but the fire has also gone so far as to cause human losses, housing that has been mostly a high number, without letting the animals have suffered burns, and until their death.

Koalas are marsupial animals, which have been threatened. however, there have been burns, deaths and what they have recently had to live for is euthanasia, as veterinarians have had to make the most difficult decision of life, because when they see them suffer they have to apply them.

“Koalas were already at risk before the forest fire crisis because their natural habitat and food sources have been drastically reduced in recent years due to urbanization and deforestation. In New South Wales, for example, the koala was considered vulnerable to extinction under the Biodiversity Conservation Act passed in 2016,” said Greenpeace Pacific spokesman.

In just one month in New South Wales, approximately 3,000 of the population relative to animals have disappeared, unfortunately, the koalas were already on the list of endangered animals, only that fires increased numbers.

Koala is an animal that belongs to the coasts of Australia, due to the fires that have been carried out frequently. This is why the koala is being harmed, bringing its situation to extinction.