The highest mountains in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is a Central Asian country with the capital Tashkent, which is also the largest city in Uzbekistan. The country is a semi-presidential unitary state headed by a president and a prime minister. Uzbek is the official language of the state, while Russian is the de facto language used by most people. Uzbeks are the majority among the country’s ethnic groups, making up 81.1% of the total population. Other peoples are Russians (5.4%), Tajiks (4%) and Kazakhs (3%). In this article, we will take a look at some of the highest mountains in Uzbekistan.

Hazrat Sultan

Khazret Sultan is the highest mountain in the country, reaching a height of 15,233 meters. It is located in the province of Surkhandarya on the border with Tajikistan. The top of the mountain is covered with a thin strip of snow. The nearest airport is Dushanbe, and the best time for hiking is in July, August and September. The fastest access to the top of the mountain is through Dushanbe airports in Tajikistan, and then through the Varzob gorge.


Mount Adelung is the highest peak of Mount Pskem with an altitude of 12,902 meters above sea level. The areas were the result of a tectonic earth force that formed folds that later became large mountain ranges. The first ascent of the mountain has not been documented. There are several consulting companies that specialize in helping tourists climb Adelung.


This Beshtor mountain is located in the extreme northeastern regions of Uzbekistan. It forms the border between the country and Kyrgyzstan and has an altitude of 12,896 meters. Adelung Berg is in the same range.

Big Chimgan

Chimgan is part of the Chatkal Mountains region and reaches an altitude of 10,856 meters above sea level and has a prominent 5541 feet. The first ascent is said to have taken place in 1909, although it has not been officially recorded. It is located in Ugam-Chatkal National Park in Tashkent Province. Climatic conditions in the mountains oscillate daily and seasonally. The temperatures are warm during the day, but cold at night. Winter experiences heavy snowfall with a five-month snow blanket, while the frost period lasts about 120 days. Veliki Chimgan is the most popular mountain for hiking, adventure, skiing, snowboarding and hiking. There are many routes with different degrees of difficulty. Beginners mostly use the uncomplicated western reef. There are other complex routes for experienced climbers. The train station is just 80 miles from the mountain, and visitors can also take buses to the mountain. There are also helicopter services, but they are very limited.


Mount Ayrybaba is located along the Uzbek-Turkmen border, and its highest peak is 10,295 meters above sea level. There are 5,377 prominent. Ayrybaba is officially known as the “Mountain of the Great Sagrmirata” and is part of the Koytendag Mountains.

Other important mountains in Uzbekistan

Other significant mountains in Uzbekistan include Ungartepa Tog, reaching an altitude of 6,417 feet, Qoratog Tog at 4,429 feet, Qoratumshuq Toglari at 3,763 meters and Mount Charantayak at 3,461 feet.

rank The highest mountains in Uzbekistan elevation
1 Hazrat Sultan 15,233 feet
2 Ennoblement 14,111 feet
3 Beschtor 14,104 feet
Fourth Big Chimgan 10,856 feet
5 Mount Kyzylnura 10,718 feet
6. Ayrybaba 10,295 feet
7. Ungartepa Tog 6,417 feet
8. Koratog Tog 4,429 feet
9 Qoratumshuq Toglari 3,763 meters
10 Mount Charantayak 3,461 feet

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