The G7 is committed to no longer subsidizing coal-fired power plants by the end of 2021

G7 environment ministers, meeting on Friday by video conference sponsored by the United Kingdom, have announced they want to end public aid to coal-fired power plants in 2021 as part of the fight against global warming.

The agreement between these industrialized countries “aims to end public funding for conventional coal-fired power plants by the end of the year,” said German Environment Minister Svenja Schulze.

“The G7 agrees that any further investment in coal-fired power generation around the world must stop now, as it is not in line with the goal of ‘limiting global warming to 1.5 ° C here at the end of the century, as set out in the Paris Agreement,” the statement said. for the public.

For the German minister, this is “an important step forward because only in this way can we, the industrialized countries, credibly demand that others follow us in this way.”

Another commitment at the end of this meeting: “electricity supply must be decarbonized as much as possible during the 2030s, which means it must be free of coal, oil and gas.”

Ministers also want their countries to achieve climate neutrality “by 2050 at the latest”. Germany recently raised its climate goals to achieve them as early as 2045.

The UK, which currently chairs the G7, will host the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow in November.

Originally scheduled for November 2020 and postponed due to Covid, this summit, which will bring together leaders from 196 countries, will take place, according to its organizers, while the world is at a “critical moment” and will form the “last hope” in climate change .

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