The egg industry will do anything to stop the chickens from crushing

Egg industry “he will do anything“to no longer eliminate male chickens at birth during 2022,” interprofessional association president Philippe Juven told AFP on July 20, 2021, when the French government initially pledged to end the practice before the end of 2021.

“Tight” schedule

We will do our best to meet this goal within the time limits set for us“, proclaimed the president of the inter-professional organization CNPO, after the Minister of Agriculture determined a new course of 2022 on July 18.”We want to achieve that, but the schedule is still tight“, warns. Minister Julien Denormandie announced that five French hatcheries specializing in the supply of breeders to laying hens should install or order machines to determine the sex of the eggs they incubate on January 1, 2022. This prevents males from hatching because they cannot lay eggs that will end on our plates.A decree to that effect will be published by the end of the year, the cabinet of the minister said on July 19. On several occasions since 2019, the French Ministry of Agriculture has promised to ban the practice in late 2021. Germany has been legally banned since the beginning of 2022.

Before hatching, discard eggs containing male embryos

In France, Europe’s leading egg producer, around 50 million male chickens are eliminated (by crushing or gasing) each year. German technologies of egg sex (or ovosexing) have recently been developed. They help remove eggs that contain male embryos. French hatcheries began to adopt them as part of their production. “Hatcheries will have to invest to house the machines and adjust their work. Everyone gave quotes, asked for building permits when needed, work will begin this summer.“assures Philippe Juven, who raises chickens in Drôme. According to him,”at least two hatcheries will all be able to have sex in the first quarter of 2022“.”Small hatcheries may be ready by the end of the year.“Investments in hatcheries are estimated at 15 million euros. As for the insurance of this sex, it will inflate the price of chickens, an annual additional cost estimated at 64 million euros or 4% of turnover. Mr. Juven wants to contribute every egg sold, so breeders do not bear this additional cost.

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