The calf is lost in the Thames

British rescuers detached a young whale stranded on the banks of the Thames on May 10, 2021, but the small whales are not from the forest, they are currently moving down the river, not sailing out.

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This Minke whale, measuring between three and four meters, was spotted on May 9 in southwest London, stranded on a series of valves that control water flow. Concerned about a possible injury or overweight, the vet examined and sprayed the whales before the intervention of the Royal National Boat Institute (RNLI), welcoming the cheers of hundreds of anxious spectators. But it wasn’t until around 1am in the morning that teams from RNLI, the London Fire Service and the Marine Rescue Service managed to release the whale with an airbag. But she managed to escape while the rescuers “took him to the deeper part of the river“an RNLI spokeswoman said on May 10, pointing out that it is a small marine mammal.”showed disturbing behaviors“, so”experts fear it is not in good healthSince then, whales have been seen initially in the morning towards the east and North Sea. But other witnesses then identified her moving upstream.

Minke Minke's whale swims under the bridge in Tedington (UK), south-west London, after climbing the Thames on 10 May 2021 (AFP - Glyn KIRK)

The Minke Minke whale swims under a bridge in Teddington (United Kingdom), south-west London, after sailing the Thames on 10 May 2021. Credits: AFP – Glyn KIRK

A rare incident

It is “a very rare and unusual incident“said London Fire Brigade Commander Glen Nicolaides.”We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw the poor beast, something like that doesn’t happen every dayCoastal Jake Manketo (20) confirmed for AFP. Among the smallest whales, Minke’s whale usually reaches 10 meters in adulthood and lives in the North Atlantic and Pacific, but has been found as far as the Arctic or Ecuador. In January 2006, the northern whale good whale had already run aground in the Thames, sparking huge interest, and returned it to the sea.

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