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Steelers exit victories in Tennessee with several notable injuries

Pittsburgh Steelers was able to leave Tennessee with 18-6 to win over the Titans on Sunday night, but they couldn’t leave week 3 without major injuries.

With protective starters that play almost the entire first half, the team is now faced with two starts to deal with injuries that are hopefully not considered serious.

Every head coach Mike Tomlin, Sean Davis, who left the game in the first half, became an ankle injury when Bud Dupree had his thumb injury.

The main concern now is the seriousness of these injuries, since there are two beginners on the protective side of the football.

If you want to share your hair, then the fact that Davis came out, and the locker room, and was not punished, can be seen as a good sign, but time is not something for those players on the side.

Team Travel agency plays Carolina Panthers on Thursday night before the whole week will wear their Week 1 game against New-England patriots.

Two weeks is the time for minor injuries to be cured, but as Joe Haden has demonstrated so far, sometimes these minor, nagging injuries can detain and keep players out more than initially anticipated.

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