Sri Lanka: The “black box” of a cargo ship that partially sank has recovered

A voyage data recorder (VDR), the ship’s equivalent of a “black box,” from a cargo ship that burned for nearly two weeks before it partially sank from Colombo, was found on board, local authorities announced.

This VDR will allow investigators to know exactly the procedures and orders on board before his accident.

The Sri Lankan authorities hope to provide explanations for the decisions made and the exchanges with the Captain Colombo, which was his destination port.

“The Navy has helped technicians recover the VDR from a bridge that is still over the sea,” Navy spokesman Indika de Silva told AFP.

The MV X-Press Pearl, registered in Singapore, began sinking on Wednesday after falling victim to a 13-day fire in the capital.

The boat, which contained 25 tons of nitric acid and a huge amount of plastic, was crossing between the Indian state of Gujarat and Colombo.

According to the Center for Environmental Justice (CEJ), the crew was aware of the acid leak – which eventually caused the fire – as early as May 11, long before entering the waters. Sri Lanka.

An investigation has been launched in Sri Lanka. The captain and his chief engineer – two Russians – were questioned and their passports confiscated.

Members of the Sri Lankan Navy picked up the remains of cargo from the burning MV X-Press Pearl container ship in front of the port of Colombo on May 31, 2021 (AFP / Archive – Lakruwan WANNIARACHCHI)

Authorities are concerned about the risk of an oil spill. But so far there are no visible signs of a 350 tonne fuel leak.

The island’s tourist beaches and surrounding waters have been submerged in millions of plastic granules carried by a cargo ship, which has particularly caused a ban on fishing, which is important in the region.

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