Squid fishing: China announces moratorium in the Atlantic and Pacific

Squid is the star of street food stalls in an Asian country, where it is widely consumed, especially in the form of grilled meat. China accounts for about 70% of global squid catches. And Chinese boats sometimes even venture to West Africa and Latin America to hunt it down. Chinese ships will suspend operations in the world’s major hatcheries, in the southwest Atlantic near Argentina (July 1-September 30) and in parts of the Pacific Ocean (September-November), the report said Monday. Agriculture.

“China is the largest consumer of squid in the world”

This moratorium follows a controversy over the strong international presence of Chinese ships, where they are accused of overfishing and damaging marine ecosystems. “China is the largest consumer of squid in the world, and the reduction in catches worries the authorities”, according to Zhou Wei, an expert on marine ecosystems at Greenpeace China. “It’s important to ensure a stable supply of seafood to ensure food safety.”

China’s long-distance water fishing fleet numbers more than 2,600 vessels, a third of which fish for squid. “China’s ban on squid fishing – even temporary – is crucial to ocean health, given the scale of the catch.”, according to Zhang Jihong, a marine biologist with China’s Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute. The Chinese fishing industry employs more than 14 million people. With the depletion of reserves in China, fishermen are sailing farther and farther to make their catch. Sometimes risking finding yourself embroiled in naval conflicts.

Clashes between Chinese fishermen and the South Korean Coast Guard

In July 2020, Ecuador protested against the controversial presence of more than 260 Chinese ships near the Galapagos Islands, a marine reserve known for its giant turtles. China immediately announced a temporary ban on deep-sea fishing west of the reserve. In recent years, Indonesia has seized dozens of Chinese ships accused of poaching in its waters. Clashes between Chinese fishermen and the South Korean Coast Guard have also resulted in deaths.

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