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Six endangered Pacific porpoises spotted by researchers

Critically endangered species, the Pacific porpoises were spotted in northwestern Mexico during the late August. Scientists conducted an expedition between August 19 and September 3 in the northern Gulf of California, during which they were able to observe the animals.

This discovery has caused great “relief” for the scientific community, which feared the total extinction of the species. Its total population is estimated by Unesco to be around ten individuals, up from nearly 300 in 2005.

Image result for porpoises
The porpoises of the Gulf of California are trapped in fishing nets and die suffocated.
Source: Wikimedia

The species is considered critically endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). At the end of June, the Unesco World Heritage Committee listed the Gulf of California Islands and Protected Areas as a “World Heritage in Danger” because of the “imminent extinction” of the porpoise.

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