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Sign of Life

Last updated on August 31, 2019

Planet earth was formed from a cloud of space rock, dust, and gas. It was a mass of hot molten rock with poison in the atmosphere. But eventually, crust cooled to the point where water forms vast oceans. The shallow fringes of these oceans were probably where life begins, about 3.8 billion years ago. In a series of chemical reactions that assembled the first living cells.

Credit: Pexels
  1. Early Earth
    For 500 million years, Earth was a giant furnace of searingly hot rock, constantly Bombard by asteroids and meteorites.
    As each lump of space rock crashed into the planet, its energy was converted into more heat. But this impacts also delivered chemical elements that were to be vital ingredients of life.
  2. First cells
    The chemical processes that were essential to life needed to occur in a protected place. This was provided by a substance that could form tiny, tough-walled bubbles. This was the first living cell.
  3. Energy from light
    Life needs energy. The first cells used chemical energy, but about 3.5 billion years ago cells called cyanobacteria started using solar energy. They used it to make food some water and carbon dioxide, releasing Vital oxygen.

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