Seychelles: The endangered magpie is sold as NFT

Seychelles singing the magpie, an endemic bird in danger in this Indian Ocean archipelago, is now being sold in the form of NFT (irreplaceable tokens), a digital certificate of authenticity widely used in art circles.

“Yesterday we sold the first NFTs and we have already raised $ 2,500 for the first day,” Nirmal Shah, general manager of the NGO Nature Seychelles, which launched this project to fund protection operations, told AFP.

About 400 singing magpies live on four islands in the Seychelles, 59 of which are in a special reserve on Cousin Island.

Each NFT corresponds to a specific and identified bird, Nirmal Shah explained, presenting this operation as the first in the world in the field of environment.

“Irreplaceable tokens” or irreplaceable token certificates are properties, like bitcoin, based on blockchain technology and associated with a digital object: image, video, animation, photography, sound or text … and now a bird.

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