Sea buckthorn

Sea buckthorn oil was already used in antiquity for its deworming, tonic, astringent, anti-infective or anti-sclerotic virtues.

Scientific name: Hippophae rhamnoides
Common names: arugula, argasse, grey, shiny thorn, marante thorn, thorny willow, false nerprun, seafly, Siberian pineapple, Siberian olive tree
English names: sea buckthorn , sallow thorn
Botanical classification: family of eleagaceae (Elaeagnaceae)
Forms and preparations: oil, mother dye, syrups, specific preparations, juices, extracts, capsules, jellies, ointments, ointments

Medicinal properties of sea buckthorn

Physical stimulant, general tonic, astringent, immunostimulant, lipotrope, cholesterol-lowering, antioxidant, anti-cephaly, anti-arrhythmic.


With a general tonic effect, sea buckthorn also helps treat certain cardiovascular disorders; digestive disorders and indigestion; affects inflammation of the lungs reduces menstrual pain; helps treat burns, sunburn and bedsores soothes eczema used to fight influenza and viral diseases.

Fighting atherosclerosis, anemia and scurvy; healing and anti-ulcer effects.

Botanical description of sea buckthorn
Sea buckthorn is a shrub with many thorns. It can reach 2 to 5 m in height. Its leaves are dark green, with silver lapels. They are fine and alternate. The fruits are yellow to orange yellow and have a hard core containing a seed. They can stay in place on the plant throughout the winter.

Composition of sea buckthorn
Berries (for oily juice and extracts), seeds (for oil), leaves and bark (for extracts).

Vitamins A, B, C, E, K and carotene; Minerals carotenoids; polyphenols; acid-alcohols Simple sugars; proteins and amino acids; Lipids.

Seeds: oil rich in unsaturated fatty acids C18.

Use and dosage of sea buckthorn
There are no dosages established by scientific or clinical data. Different preparations exist on the market and recommended requirements should be followed.

In juice: drink 1 glass a day of 70 ml of sea buckthorn juice diluted in water. It is considered that a sea buckthorn juice cure must last three to six months to be fully effective.

Sea buckthorn berry oil is used as daily massages. The oil from the seed or the pulp of the sea buckthorn can then be used. Do 1 or 2 applications a day, on wounds or areas where the skin is very dry.

Precautions for the use of sea buckthorn
With sea buckthorn having fruits that are extremely rich in vitamin C (concentration five times higher than for kiwi and thirty times higher than orange), it is recommended not to consume it at the end of the day.

No known contraindications.

No known side effects.

Interactions with medicinal plants or supplements

No known interaction.

Interactions with drugs

No known interaction with drugs.