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Russian detained in Cyprus for fraud with loans for billions

In Cyprus, Russian businessman Igor Polchenko was detained, who is accused of fraud in obtaining bank loans, Kommersant reports.

Polchenko was detained on August 7, he was on the wanted list of Interpol, sources said. The businessman left Russia after a criminal case was brought against him. The entrepreneur’s wife Irina Polchenko owns a company that owns a health center in Limassol.

Now the Cyprus prosecutor’s office must petition the court for arrest and request extradition materials in Russia. Extradition can take from four months to six months, Kommersant’s interlocutors believe in law enforcement agencies.

Igor Polchenko was the beneficiary or co-owner of the large enterprises of Primorye associated with the Transit-DV group of companies. Most of them are in bankruptcy, but the main asset, the largest independent terminal in the region, Vostokbunker, is operating successfully.

The total amount of claims of banks against the Transit-DV group is about 7 billion rubles. For example, in 2015, Transit-DV applied to Sberbank with a statement on opening a credit line. The accounts of the group of companies received more than 3.5 billion rubles. But as early as next year, payments on loans ceased, most of the companies ended up in bankruptcy proceedings. Criminal proceedings were instituted against Polchenko on the facts of deliberate bankruptcy and illegal obtaining of a loan. According to Sberbank, distorted financial indicators of companies were presented when applying for loans.

VTB lawyers also contacted law enforcement agencies, to whom Polchenko’s structures owed about 1 billion rubles. According to some reports, this has become a pretext for a criminal case about especially large-scale fraud and intentional bankruptcy, Kommersant writes. Cases can be combined into one production.

Polchenko’s lawyer, Elena Rozova, said she did not know about the detention of the client. She emphasized that he always denied his guilt and claimed that he was “framed” by partners.

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