Russia threatens dangerous honey from infected bees

Russia threatens dangerous honey from infected bees

Several regions of Russia may be left without honey, or it can cause harm to people once on the shelves.

According to agronomists and beekeepers, there is a great danger to humans infected with pesticides for such bees. Such bees were found in such Russian regions as Tatarstan, Udmurtia, Bashkiria, Penza, Saratov, Rostov, Tambov, Voronezh, Kursk regions and Altai Territory.

According to RIA Novosti, with reference to the laboratory of grain technology and biochemistry at the Federal Research Center Nemchinovka, Mikhail Kuzmich, a large number of bees were infected with pesticides, and the honey itself was also infected.

According to the expert, such honey must be carefully checked in the laboratory.

According to the Rosselkhoznadzor, the death of bees occurred from the excessive use of pesticides in the fields.

Doctors say that there is no question of acute toxicity since a person does not eat so much honey to immediately feel the result of exposure to pesticides. This is a slow poisoning of the whole organism as a whole, which with time can lead to serious problems.