Rarely in the Mediterranean, the humpback whale strands near La Grande-Motte

A seven-meter-long humpback whale ran aground and was found dead Wednesday afternoon at Carnon beaches, near La Grande-Motte, in Hérault, an AFP photographer found.

“As soon as we arrived, she was already dead. Before she ran aground, they didn’t notice her at all, which is quite amazing,” Élodie Sene, an animal caretaker at the Grau-Roi Marine Aquarium and a member of the Gecem (study group), told AFP. whales in the Mediterranean).

“I never saw him, I saw him for the first time in the Mediterranean,” she added.

Humpback whale washed at Carnon Beach in Hérault, May 26, 2021 (AFP – Pascal GUYOT)

A total length of seven meters, the city technical service evacuated the humpback whale. He will be stored in the technical area while waiting for an autopsy on Thursday morning to understand the reasons for this stranding.

The humpback whale is not one of the species regularly observed in the Mediterranean, unlike fin whales.

For several weeks, attention was focused on a gray whale lost in the Mediterranean, whose chances of finding its environment – the North Pacific – were extremely low. Entering this closed sea at the level of Morocco, it intersected from North Africa to Italy, climbing along the Italian and French coasts. The Spanish press reported a few days ago on its presence in Mallorca, very weakened.

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