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Pullally School: Human Papillomavirus vaccination started in the province

The 12 children in the fourth basic year of Pullally Rural School in Papudo, Petorca province, joined the human Papillomavirus vaccination campaign, HPV, which seeks to immunize more than 36,000 students in the region.

The activity was led by the Provincial Governor of Petorca, María Paz Santelices; the Seremi of Health, Francisco Alvarez and municipal health authorities arrived at the educational establishment where they supervised the administration of this vaccine.

Petorca Governor María Paz Santelices said this HPV immunization campaign will also reach boys, following government guidelines for children.

“It is the first vaccination given to fourth-year children, the second vaccine is given in the fifth year and because our President Sebastián Piñera points out prevention in children is essential to avoid any type of disease, we are preventing before cure,” said the Governor of Petorca.

The Health Seremi, Francisco Alvarez, noted that “this disease could produce different types of cancer such as uterine cervic, which costs half a hundred women to live in our region and also other types of cancer that can be produced in men such as anal cancer, penile cancer, oral cancer, also urinary genetic infections, such as the appearance of warts.”

“That’s why it’s important to start the vaccination period for children at an early age, before they start their sex life, so the vaccination campaign is looking at men for the first time and we estimate that we are going to vaccinate more than 1,700 children from across the world province,” he said, the Seremi of Health.

Rubén Vásquez Proaños, Director of Health of the municipality of Papudo, indicated that progress has been made in the HPV vaccination campaign aimed “in the basic room for boys and girls and in the fifth year only for girls”.

“This program has been successful so far, it is an aid especially by the health guidelines set by the mayor’s office and the ministry, which support us so that the commune is satisfied with all the policies we seek to implement in health for the well-being of all our users,” said the Director of Health of the municipality of Papudo.

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