Protective Face Mask: How to wear it and use it well every day?

Protective Face Mask: How to wear it and use it well every day?

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 epidemic, the usefulness of wearing a mask for everyone has been a subject of debate. Although the effectiveness of wearing the mask, including fabric and home-made models, is not established, it can only be seen that it partly protects the wearer and, above all, protects others. As long as you follow certain rules. How to wear a mask effectively to protect yourself from the virus?

Washing your hands, over and over again

So, before putting on a mask, it is important to wash your hands thoroughly with soap or hydroalcoholic gel. Hand washing prevents contamination of the mask. The hands must be clean to handle the mask.
In the same way, wash your hands after removing your mask.

Even with clean hands, it’s not about catching your mask anyhow!

This seems self-evident, but the first thing is to check the meaning of the mask which has an external face and an inner face. Secondly, it is essential to grasp the mask by the elastics, again, to avoid any risk of contamination. A well-positioned mask completely covers the nose and mouth.

In addition, AFNOR warns that wearing a mask on bare skin maximizes efficiency: no beard and attention to hair.

What should you pay attention to when you put on your mask?

Once in place, only one rule for the mask: it does not move! It is true that wearing a mask is not comfortable: you breathe less well or you can have a scratching nose. The mask can be embarrassing for those who wear glasses.

But even if it’s tempting to take off your mask for even a few seconds, it’s to be avoided formally. You take the risk of contaminating yourself if your hands have been in contact with the virus in the meantime. In addition, the nose and mouth are vectors of transmission, greatly increasing the risk of contamination by exposing them.

A mask cannot be worn continuously all day. it is recommended to change cloth masks every four hours or so. When you leave home for the day or if you already do, consider taking at least two more with you.

Wash your cloth mask well

The fabric mask should be washed at 60oC with your usual laundry after being worn. Do not add softeners or disinfectants that could affect the quality of the mask. Once dried in the open air, it is interesting to iron it with soft steam to be sure to eliminate any possible virus residue. See the mandatory mention of washing on the package.

Once clean and dry, store your fabric masks in an airtight box.