Basil is an aromatic plant commonly used in Mediterranean or Asian cuisine. If basil is used a lot to flavor dishes, it is also a medicinal plant with multiple virtues.

Scientific names: Ocimum , Ocimum basilicum

Common names: basil, basil with sauces, common basil, large basil, royal herb

Botanical classification: family of lamiaceae ( Lamiaceae )

Forms and preparations: sauces, infusions, herbal teas, essential oil

Did you Know?

Can basil leaves be eaten raw?

Although some people eat the leaves raw, the leaves are also commonly used in cooking.

Is too much basil bad for you?

EmedicineHealth suggests,

Basil is LIKELY SAFE on food quantities taken by mouth. Basil can be causing low blood sugar in some people. The parts of basil and basil oil above ground are POSSIBLY UNSAFE  when taken by mouth as a medicine, long-term.

Is drinking basil water good for you?

One of Basil ‘s major health advantages is that it is yet another outstanding source of antioxidants! Basil contains rientin and viceninare, water-soluble flavonoids that can help protect white blood cells. Basil was also known for helping combat free radical damage.