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Origin of Man

Last updated on August 31, 2019

Seven continents oceans make up the living world. Human life thrives on and six of them, irrespective of physical, cultural and political divisions on these continents. However, it is believed that humans evolved from apes. The first monkeys are supposed to have evolved around 40 million years ago. After around 10 million years, the first apes evolved. They had small brains but could walk upright. Then evolved the homo habilis and homo Erectus. Their brains were better than their predecessors.
Modern man or homo sapiens is descendent of Neanderthal man.

Credit: Pixabay

Tracing the history

The evolution of modern man has taken millions of years.
The first human-like apes evolved some 5 million years ago.
Homo sapiens or modern humans evolved around 35,000 years ago.

First Monkeys: 40 million years ago. Africa and Asia
First apes: 30 million years ago. Africa
Homo habilis: 1.5- 2 million years ago. Africa
Neanderthal man: 35,000- 100,000 years ago. Europe

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