Nobel Prize in Medicine Eric R. Kandel says that walking prevents memory loss

Nobel Prize in Medicine Eric R. Kandel says that walking prevents memory loss

The expert ensures that this is a basic activity for small and large


During a presentation at the third CNS Exeltis Day, recently held in Madrid, Eric R. Kandel assured Nobel Prize in Medicine that walking, among other things, prevents memory loss. He also talked about how different memory systems in the human brain have been identified and how they have been shown to be involved in two main forms of neural memory storage: simple memory for perception and motor skills and complex memory for events. In addition, it helped to understand how long-term memory is reflected in the growth of new synaptic connections.

The expert took the opportunity to illustrate how memory perception allows us to understand the two main forms of age-related memory loss, reminiscent of the “incredible plasticity” the brain has, and how important it is to maintain it. “If not used, it is lost”.

As for the recommendations for the prevention and treatment of memory loss, walking excelled in particular, as it is a key exercise in increasing the release of osteocalcin, as it acts directly on the brain. “Walking is not only a way to get to a place, but also to improve memory.” For this reason, it is extremely important for both young people and the elderly. Exercise can increase the release of osteocalcin and reduce memory deficits. The moving body helps to keep the mind active and also in motion, “he said. He also stressed the importance of maintaining a low-fat diet; control stress and diabetes; accept new challenges and tasks that you have to learn, regardless of age; and have social activity.

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