NASA Detects Unidentified Green Light In Space

NASA Detects Unidentified Green Light In Space

NASA’s NuSTAR space observatory picked up bursts of blue and bright green X-ray light as it watched the Fireworks galaxy. The light stains, which disappeared within a few days of detection, found possible explanations this week in a statement from the agency based on a recent study.

This flash known as an ultra-luminous X-ray source (ULX) was named ULX-4, as it is the fourth identified in this galaxy. Just ten days after the first observation suddenly appeared to disappear just as quickly.

The researchers ruled out that it was a supernova because no visible light was detected with the X-ray source.

“Ten days is a really short time for such a bright object to appear,” said Hannah Earnshaw, lead author of the new studio, ensuring that it was an “exciting” experience because more gradual changes are usually seen in the Time.

Source: NASA

However, there are two theories based on what may have led to its appearance:

The light could come from a black hole that is consuming another object, such as a star.

Lla ULX-4 may have been produced by a neutron star.