Mouse invasion in Eastern Australia

Entire regions of Eastern Australia are fighting an invasion of mice that are destroying crops, attacking homes, causing horrific reactions on social media. Farmers in the state of New South Wales have noticed “spectacular climb“those little rodents swarming in grain elevators, stables and homes, according to the New South Wales Farmers Association.

“It’s just getting worse.”

The Australian state, located in the southeast of the country, experienced heavy rains after years of drought. According to experts, it was this sequence that led to the explosion in the number of rodents. It’s a farmer’s nightmare. They rush into barns, grain elevators, and even homes. In some videos posted on social media, thousands of mice rush into buildings. “We are very concerned that we are heading towards a mild and humid winter that will allow the plague to break out again in the spring.“said ABC Pete Arkle, CEO of NSW Farmers. “It’s only getting worse“, he was already lamenting in March 2021 The president of New South Wales farmers James Jackson, who said he had received reports of increasing damage across the state. “Fighting mice is very expensive. The severity of this plague has led to the need for more baits in agricultural areas.“, he indicated.

Zinc phosphide to fight mice

To protect their crops and the wires of their machines (which can be eaten), farmers arm themselves with poisonous baits and traps. And the fight will intensify: bait manufacturers who are mice have recently been given permission to double the lethality of their products, according to ABC. Really,Australian Administration of Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines issued a permit to increase the concentration of zinc phosphide. But this product can also lead to the death of non-target animals.

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