Last male northern white Rhino’s sperm used to fertilize eggs of final females

Last male northern white Rhino’s sperm used to fertilize eggs of final females

Less than three weeks after the southern white Rhinsia, only rhinoceros species are not endangered after they achieved the first successful artificial insemination of birth in North America, while scientists in Italy successfully used the method of northern white Rhino eggs fertilized.

The last two northern rhinos, Naziandh and Fatu, August 22 Kenya, successfully fertilized 10 eggs harvested in the world. Four of the seven eggs came from Fatus, the other three from the Nazis. They were successfully fertilized by intracytoplasmic of sperm injection (ICSI).

“We were surprised by the high rate of ripening when we did not get such a high rate (comparable to what we get from a horse egg) to the southern white rhinos in women in European zoos, said “Cesare Galli Avantea Cremona (Italy), which led to fertilization during the process.
The sperm comes from two white rhino bulls, Sun and Sot, who lived in the zoo before their deaths in the Czech Republic.

Sudan, the world’s last male northern white rhinoceros, died in March 2018 of “age-related complications.” “The seeds of the saplings are difficult to produce, and to find three live seeds of the Majin eggs, we have to melt two batches of seeds, ” Gali added. “Now that the egg is injected into the brood, we have to wait to see if a viable embryo develops a phase that can be frozen for later transmission.”
The Italian auxiliary breeding company Avantea said on Monday that after about 10 days people D first know whether egg D is an embryo.

Galli, one of the founders of Avantea, says: “In order to increase the likelihood of the continuity of species, it is better to wait until the last two people use the technology “. Sylvia Colleoni said in a telephone conversation with the associated printing the day after her insemination: “It’s really about creating emotions.”
After the end of the day, I am so calm, but the series is a manual task, any mistake, any slip, if it falls, will cause irreparable damage.

Because neither Naquin nor Fatou can understand, experts hope that if the embryo is developed, it may be transported by substitute female rhinos. The ultimate goal is to create a herd of at least five animals that can return to the natural habits of African animals.

It can take decades

Gali adds that the sultan’s semen could be used in future attempts to create embryos. According to the World Conservation Fund, white Rhinoceros are considered to be endangered. It is estimated that there are between 19 600 and 21 000 animals in the protected and private reserves of wild fauna.
The northern white Rhinoceros is considered a subspecies of the southern white rhinoceros.