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Korea National Arboretum Expands Research on Strengthening Sovereignty of Specialty Plants in Korea

The National Forest Service National Arboretum (Director Yeo-Mi) of the Korea National Forest Service held the Jeju Research Center for International Plants and Development on the 14th at the Jeju International Convention Center. A special program for finding directions was held. 

This academic event was held as a special session of the 74th Korea Biological Science Association’s Regular Academic Conference. The 20th anniversary of the Korea National Arboretum introduced the results of research on Korean specialty plants and discussed future directions.

The Korea National Arboretum presented various research results, including academic value, conservation, and restoration of Korean specialty plants, sustainable use and industrialization, and garden industry support using ornamental values. We listened to various expert opinions, including the Biological Society and the Korean Society of Genetics. 

Endemic plants are plants that are restricted to a specific geographical area and are divided into Asia, East Asia, the Korean Peninsula, and South Korea. “Special Plants of the Korean Peninsula” is the only and unique plant on the planet that has adapted and evolved in the natural environment of the Korean Peninsula. Since 2012, the Korea Forest Service has designated 358 species as the “Arboretum, Garden Creation and Promotion Act” for conservation efforts and efficient use. I’m doing research.

Seung-Hwan Oh, Director of the Forest Biodiversity Research Division, National Arboretum, said, “I think it is the duty of all Koreans to preserve the unique plants that only our country has in the world.” “We will continue our research to support industrial use.” 

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