It will be possible to house 350 laboratory animals

Groupement de Réflexion et d’Action pour l’Animal (GRAAL), specializing in the rehabilitation of laboratory animals, announced on April 20, 2021 Statementmass release of 350 laboratory animals offered for adoption“.

Thoughtful adoption

Animals that will soon be put up for adoption include pets (30 beagle dogs, including 11 puppies, 150 rats), but also domestic animals (90 rabbits, 50 roosters, 5 dwarf pigs, 5 goats, 15 cows). In addition, 11 primates will be entrusted to the La Tanière zoo. They should leave the research units soon, the association said on April 20th. Individuals interested in caring for the animal will be advised by GRAAL partner shelters. Adopting an animal is a deliberate act (especially when leaving a research unit), the association has developed “practical guides” for adopting a laboratory animal. Each species has its own guide available on the GRAAL website. “Individuals wishing to adopt are invited to follow the bills Facebook or Instagram GRAAL, which will explain in detail all the practical information regarding these excursions from April 30 and during May and June 2021“, the association specifies. This call is intended not only for individuals, but also for shelters or specialized facilities that can, for example, accommodate cows. Those who want to participate in the operation are invited to contact GRAAL.

In search of sustainable and effective funding for laboratory animal rehabilitation

Since 2005, the Groupement de Réflexion et d’Action pour l’Animal has been organizing the withdrawal of laboratory animals, entrusting them to a network of adapted structures (shelters, aquariums, etc.). The association claims to have saved more than 4,500 animals from euthanasia. Currently, more than 150 research units have joined the process to give laboratory animals a second life. They set aside human and financial resources to enable this retirement, the association stresses. The latter also wants the evolution of the regulatory framework in place to establish effective funding for the rehabilitation of laboratory animals. “The withdrawal of laboratory animals is a chain of solidarity between researchers, animal welfare associations and foster parents. We cannot act without each other, notes Marie-Françoise Lheureux, founding president of GRAAL. Today, the building block is missing: long-term and efficient funding that would make it possible to provide a roof for acceptable animals, without overburdening French research. “

GRAAL is the winner of the Abel Brion Prize awarded by the French Veterinary Academy in recognition of the publication of the “Laboratory Animal Retirement Guide” for animal users for scientific purposes. It helps them establish a quick and legally supervised pension for their animals.

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