It is very hot on the planet, except in France!

Alors que le monde semble pris d’une vague de chaleur généralisée, la France s’apprête à connaître une semaine presque automnale. © napa74, Adobe Stock

North America just had the warmest June since records began. And while in France we probably all had a sense of the opposite, our month of June also recorded average temperatures of 2 ° C above normal! In many parts of the world, July raises mercury even more.

In France, this beginning of July is very gloomy. The Sun hard to break through.

Temperatures are trying to take off. So much so that the forecast is that next week could be one of the darkest in the last five summers! Worth the fall. In question, a cold drop. The fifth that was formed in our country from the beginningmeteorological summer – I understand, since 1this one June. A cold drop is a anomaly depression often accompanied air altitude that comes to be isolated in the field pressure generally high.

Therefore, France seems to want to be an exception. For, in Spain, Morocco, and Algeria, a heat wave exceptionally announced for this weekend.

She kept her promises by breaking some absolute records. For example, in Oujda (Morocco) it was this Sunday, July 11, around 47.3 ° C. The last record dates from 2019 and 2001. End of July, beginning of August, Mercury then rose to 46.2 ° C.

And it doesn’t seem complete … very hot temperatures – maybe even more than the last few days – are still expected for this Monday.

A new record in Death Valley

Elsewhere, in the world, too warmth he seems to want to settle down.

AND temperature records continue to fall. On the other side of the Atlantic, especially where the United States is experiencing a new heat wave. After the one that hit the northwest of the country and Canada a few days ago. More than 30 million people are affected today by a new heat warning bulletin or warning. In Las Vegas, the mercury climbed to about 47.2 ° C. Making this Saturday the hottest day history of the city.

On the side of Death Valley, an impressive 54.4 ° C was recorded this Friday. The one that was established … last year won by a hair.

Even the record for the highest minimum temperature for the month of July was broken.

And summer in the northern hemisphere is just beginning …

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