International Literacy Day: 2019 “Literacy and Multilingualism”

“Literacy and Multilingualism.”

It was at UNESCO’s initiative that the International Literacy Day was created, which takes place every year on 8 September. The mastery of the written word gives the individual access to the most basic information of everyday life. It conditions participation in political life as well as social and economic life.

This fight is far from over, as many countries around the world experience high rates of illiteracy. Developing countries are mainly affected, but industrialized countries are also affected to a lesser extent.

What is illiteracy?

Illiteracy is the impossibility of reading and writing a simple statement. This impossibility is generally related to being deprived of school education. Therefore illiteracy is rare in countries where public schools are free and compulsory, as is the case in France.

Not to be confused with illiteracy

Illiteracy, on the other hand, is the fact that he followed primary school education without having acquired the fundamental foundations of written comprehension. Like illiteracy, illiteracy is an important barrier to employment and, although it does not prevent all social life, it is a handicap for those who are victims of it.

Being able to read a text and understand it is one thing. But using this skill to broaden one’s horizons and gain knowledge is another. For reading to be really useful to us, it must be effortless. To do this, training from childhood is necessary. Parents and educators must, therefore, work together to encourage children to become good readers.

The ideal is to get a taste of reading with fun and stimulating books: authors for young people know how to interest children of all ages with a rich and varied production. By reading books of his age with pleasure, the child trains smoothly. It thus improves the speed at which it reads and refines its written understanding. One day, these achievements will allow him to train on all possible and imaginable subjects, to discover the thinking of great authors.