Intelligence Is Inherited From The Mother, Science Reveals

Intelligence Is Inherited From The Mother, Science Reveals
Intelligence Is Inherited From The Mother, Science Reveals

Science reveals that the intelligence that children have is inherited by mothers.

Mothers are responsible for educating their children and the beginning in taking on roles or roles in the family. Through a study, it was also revealed that thanks to it children tend to be smarter since mothers have stood out for transmitting most of the genetic burden related mainly to cognitive abilities.

This type of information is what denies everything related to the gender prejudices that continue to exist in society because it is argued that when predicting the intelligence of the children does not depend on the parent but that the mother is the one who transmits it according to the I am a student.

The X chromosome, which is an essential part of cognitive potential, is known to depend on the wisdom inherited from parents. Although it had not been as relevant about this topic, it is now known that the mother is likely to transmit to the child the cognitive abilities located on the X chromosome.

In 1984, a study was conducted in which a group of researchers analyzed the biochemical and genetic components of the brain, concluding that the mother provides the information for the development of brain structures related to thought and mental operations that the child can develop during his or her development in life.

The predictor of IQ is one of the studies of interest, in which specific keys to the relationship of the genes of the mother are revealed since when conducting a study with the young woman it is shown that the mother is the one who brings the intelligence in them.

Genetics shows that the mother plays a fundamental role in the intellectual development of children because it is stimulated day by day, through attachment that is a bond that is related to the mother. Studies show that children who develop attachment safely, easily develop symbolic play and are more tolerant of frustration.

Talk about the percentage that is inherited from intelligence in children is about 45 and 55 percent written on genes, this refers to the existence of a significant part in which family constraints, although intelligence is one of the q capabilities they have people to solve problems.

To stimulate intelligence in children will depend on the parents, who are the main people in helping them through challenges or tasks that stimulate their cognitive abilities, although they have to keep in mind that stimulating emotions and play would be efficient tools in this process.