Influence of Covid-19 on the relationship with animals

The health crisis has disrupted our relationship with others, but not just with our loved ones. Many French people have had the opportunity to spend more time with their pets. To assess the impact of the coronavirus on the relationship between the French and their four-legged companions, Purina, a feed manufacturer, has joined forces with French survey firm Odoxa to conduct a survey among 1,005 French population representatives. The results presented on June 15, 2021 confirm the common feeling and outline a new relationship between the French and their animal.

Adoption boom during health crisis?

Imprisoned, did the French adopt animals en masse? Associations feared an increase in adoptions followed by a brutal increase in abandonment. But that phenomenon does not seem to have happened. “According to the studies we have, there is no sudden acquisition of pets as happened in the UK“, explains Isabelle Taillandier, CEO of Purina France. A study commissioned by the company over several years, still using the same methodology with 14,000 households and conducted between September and December 2020, reveals that there is indeed growth in cats, but similar to previous years (+ 6.6% in two years) Cat owners are therefore increasing, but this trend has been followed for years and therefore would have nothing to do with the health crisis.

If France now has 15.1 million cats, 7.5 million dogs live in it. a character who stabilizes. However, the study found a significant increase in the ownership rate of puppies and kittens.

It may be related to the health crisis, but overall, the acquisition and adoption of pets has been restrained.“Ms. Taillandier continues. A trend highlighted by the Odox / Purin survey.”6% of French people who have not owned a dog or cat tell us they want to adopt a pet in the near future“, notes Gaël Sliman, president of the French survey company Odoxa. But every fifth Frenchman who has considered doing so has not done so. 82% of respondents believe that owning an animal is a burden. Responsibility Maturity that should calm the animal protection association!

A breath of fresh air during a health crisis

80% of French people currently own a dog or cat or already own one. “This means that this topic concerns the whole society.“, remarks Mr. Sliman.”A pet brings a lot of satisfaction in the daily life of the owner, continues. 90% of French people, owners or not, are convinced of thatThey also believe that the animal has a positive impact on mental health and that its presence is beneficial in the family for the development of children. Even people who do not currently have a dog or cat easily recognize the benefits of their presence.

We are convinced that this connection between humans and pets existed before the health crisis“, continues Mr. Sliman. The vast majority of French people are convinced that the coronavirus crisis has not affected this relationship: according to three-quarters of them, it has intensified it. The advent of telecommuting has incredibly increased the time spent with his pet.”The health crisis has had a globally beneficial impact on the relationship between humans and their pets“, underlines Gaël Sliman. He was therefore able to make the masters more responsible for the well-being of his companion according to the opinion of 70% of the French surveyed.”It is not the same to live in captivity alone or even with your wife, wife and children and be lucky to have a pet that brings you affection.“, notes President Odoxe. The vast majority of current cat and dog owners believe that during captivity the animals improved their well-being, pulled them out of isolation, reduced anxiety and contributed to good physical health thanks especially to travel certificate permits. People who do not own animals also think that others could live more comfortably indoors.A sign of jealousy?

A hard comeback face to face

Many dog ​​and cat owners recognize that the end of telework policy will be a problem for them: their animals have become accustomed to their presence … and have no doubt become a little accustomed to his. A phenomenon that can be particularly problematic if the animal was young during a health crisis. Therefore, 67% of French respondents surveyed agree that now, when many employees have to return to work, problems arise for those who do not have a solution for managing their pet, who is now accustomed to their situation. 54% believe that society should be more “inclusive” because it is less closed to the presence of pets in administrations, traffic, etc. For 41% of respondents, companies should accept the presence of animals at work more.

According to Purina, who developed the PetsatWork program to promote the presence of animals in businesses, research has shown that the ability to take your four-legged companion to work makes you happier, calmer and more productive. “The French have discovered that being with your animal is a real pleasure and that it is also possible to work with them“, welcomes Isabelle Taillandier. If the health crisis has strengthened the bond between the animal and the owner and the latter is now afraid of a difficult personal return, 62% of respondents think that the changes brought by the crisis in the future will encourage a more human / pet-friendly society Maybe a little revolution is going on.

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