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India Is Not A G-7 Member, Yet PM Modi Is Invited

Prime Minister Modi has arrived in France to attend the G7 summit. Prime Minister Modi arrived in France yesterday. India is not part of the G-7 group, but Modi has arrived at the gourd at the special invitation of French President Emmanuel Macron. It shows India’s growing strength on the global stage.

How did India get an invitation?

The biggest reason why India is participating in the summit despite not being a member of the G7 countries is the growing closeness of France and India. Prime Minister Modi has arrived at the invitation of French President Emmanuel Macron. In fact, French President Emmanuel Macron has invited some countries other than member countries to the G7 summit, which has a special place in world politics. India tops the taka list. India, as well as countries like Australia, Spain, South Africa, Senegal, and Rwanda, have been invited to attend the conference just like India.

The Identity of India Growing In The World

According to India’s External Affairs Ministry, the invitation of PM Modi to the G7 summit shows India’s growing identity in the world. The impact of the cordial and smooth relations between India and France can also be seen. The French President met Prime Minister Modi on his arrival there yesterday. The warmth between the two leaders was worth watching.

What is the G-7 Group?

The G7 group is a group of seven developed nations in the world, including Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Britain, and the United States. These seven G7 countries guide the pace and momentum of the world economy. These 7 countries occupy 40 percent of the world’s GDP.

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