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Hurricanes – An Overview

Last updated on August 31, 2019

Earth’s most destructive storms occur in tropical regions, above warm waters.
They produce torrential rains and extremely fast winds, which can exceed 248 kph.
Hurricanes form in late summer, above warm waters. They begin when clusters of thunderstorms whirl together, evolving into complex structures with vast spiral bands of the ring. The low pressure created by these structures draws warm, moist air across the ocean. This air then rises, releasing torrential rains and heat energy.
Wind speeds above 120 kph combined with the low pressure to create storm surges of seawater many meters high that flood over coastal regions as the hurricane nears land.
When the hurricanes pass over the land they are no longer set by heat from the warm ocean water, and they soon lose force- but often not before they inflict massive damage with their heavy winds.

Credit: Pexels

Tropical disturbance:

In areas with high humidity and light winds, tropical water can become heated. This produces clusters of thunderstorms, which release rain and heat, raising money kilometers above the surface of the ocean.

Tropical depression:

Where Tropical Storms merges together, the rising air producers low-pressure disturbance known as depression. The low pressure draws warm, moist air in as surface winds, begin to-rotate.

Tropical storm:

A tropical storm forms when surface winds reach between 61 and 120 kph. The storm becomes increasingly organized, with clouds rising over 5 km high, and producing torrential rain.

How a hurricane forms?

Credit: Pixabay

Hurricanes are the result of interaction between heat, water, and wind. As clouds produce rain, they release heat and rise to around 8 km above sea level. Here increasing pressure push the uppermost clouds outwards, lowering the pressure at sea level. This causes wind speeds to increase and draw in even more heat and moisture from the ocean surface.

Large hurricanes can be over 1,600 km wide!

-Wild Chronicle

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